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The Deptford Miller’s Ale House project has taken a big step forward,  as crews have been removing the complete interior of the former Don Pablos Restaurant to make way for the Miller’s buildout.  We checked things out today and when we say completely removed… we mean COMPLETELY.   All that remains are the outer walls and roof.  This will be as blank a slate as possible for the developers of Miller’s Ale House

Miller’s Ale House at Don Pablos Deptford

42Freeway has been following the story at the Don Pablos Deptford building since early 2019.  The building location is on Deptford Center Road in front of the Target store (and BJ’s is next to it), and across the street from Best Buy.

We were the first to tell you…

Simply, over the years the beloved Don Pablos chain of Tex-Mex restaurants fell on hard times, and they slowly reduced the number of open locations.  Back in the fall of 2018 the Moorestown location closed, and at that time there were 5 locations still open (including Deptford).  In January we called out that Deptford was the last remaining location!   Five months later, everyone was surprised when the Deptford location closed.  Things moved quickly from there as the valuable liquor license changed hands to the landlord, SOBELCO.  This was obviously a move on their part to ensure that the scarce liquor license remained with the Deptford Center Road shopping center.  In September a reader pointed us to a job posting for “Miller’s Ale House Deptford General Manager Needed”, and we’ve since 100% confirmed that Miller’s Ale House is coming to Deptford.

We don’t have an official opening date, but I’ve heard unofficially that they plan to keep up the rapid pace and have the restaurant opened in the Spring.  More to come on that.

Miller’s Ale House

The simple description… it’s a sports bar featuring a large variety of beers and delicious food.  I mentioned in a previous post, that craft beers are a huge draw right now and immediately surrounding the Deptford Mall powerhouse center none of the dozen or so liquor serving restaurants are offering a large number of craft beer varieties (Deptford Uno’s does a nice job with a  limited number of taps).   My point being, while it may look and sound similar to Chili’s or Applebees… the beer variety could be enough to set them apart.

The following is a longer description from Miller’s Ale House

The first Miller’s Ale House Restaurant was opened by owners Jack and Claire Miller in Jupiter, Florida in 1988. This successful casual-dining brand attracts customers from all walks of life by offering great food and drinks at an unmatched value. The brand has grown steadily, but conservatively, with a total of 70 restaurants throughout 10 states.

Since it’s inception, Miller’s Ale House has continued to develop into a classic restaurant success story, even being named one of Nation’s Restaurant News’ “Regional Powerhouse Chains.”

Miller’s Ale House Restaurants contain a full-service bar featuring wine, liquor and over 75 varieties of beer.

Designed to attract a broad variety of customers, the Miller’s Ale House menu focuses on food quality, freshness and value. The menu offers delicious steaks, fresh seafood, original pasta dishes, healthy salads, robust sandwiches and homemade desserts, all served within the comfortable and social atmosphere of a neighborhood family restaurant.



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  1. Would in NO WAY make any comparison of Miller’s to Chili’s or Applebee’s. This will be my “go to” place for sports bar, etc. experience based on my visits to the two in/near Orlando and the one in Mt. Laurel. Highly recommend, good beer selection, good food.

    Applebee’s in Deptford lost me as a customer on my first/only visit when the burger we delivered on a moldy (as in green) bun and was given a hard time about having it replaced.

    1. From my perspective It wasn’t necessarily a comparison… but more so a preemptive strike on the “oh boring another national chain” commenters that I know where going to appear on Facebook! I’m excited by miller’s coming in!

  2. No matter what, I will truly miss Don Pablos! I worked in Mt. Laurel for 35 years and used to travel down to the Deptford location before they opened the Moorestown Mall restaurant. I had retired prior to the Don Pablos Moorestown closing and as I live in Washington township, that location closing had no effect on me. But when they closed the Deptford location, it felt like a friend died!

    Having been to the Mt. Laurel Miller’s Ale House several times after it opened, I have to say, I was not impressed with the quality of food or the attitude of their waitstaff. I can only hope both the kitchen and waitstaff employees that staffed Don Pablos Deptford are hired by Millers.

    Only time will tell!

  3. Mark – stacking the photos as you did in the “headline post” makes it appear that they have dug 12’ under the actual restaurant. At first viewing of your opening picture I knew that’s not what I saw when passing Don Pablos on the way to getting gas at BJs on Tuesday.

    Deliberate or accidental ???? Whatever — your photo-collage certainly grabbed my attention!

    1. Doh! Ha I see what you mean. I should’ve set it up so it had a frame space between each of the two photos. Maybe should’ve made the title like a clickbait “you won’t believe what they are doing at the Don Pablos building in Deptford!” Ha

    2. What’s happening at don Pablo in deptford? Miller ale house was coming but looks like everything has stopped.

  4. That’s a shame about the Deptford Don Pablo’s closing.. I had been going to the Mount Laurel location ever since it opened, and I was crushed when they abruptly shut down. I had been planning on making the trip down to Deptford to get my chimichanga fix, but I guess now that won’t be happening.

    That said, Millers is great, highly recommend their baby back ribs! (They’ve got good burgers too)

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