Deptford Starbucks Central: Two New Locations Opening 800 ft Apart, Means Four in Half Mile

As we all know, the full Starbucks experience is coming to Deptford on Rt 41 on the site of the now gone Freeway Diner.  So today we stopped in at the Deptford Target, which is currently being remodeled… and as you would expect, they are converting the snack bar area into a Starbucks location!  This is exactly what Target is doing at other remodeled Target Stores.  This is less than 800 feet from from the full store going in on Rt 41!

If you add in the Starbucks in the Deptford Mall center court just up the road, and the Barnes and Noble Cafe around the corner… that is FOUR locations serving Starbucks Coffee within a half mile, and three of them are official “Listed on the Starbucks Locations Page” stores!

The race is on to see which of the two new Deptford stores opens first… Rt 41 or Target?

The run-down:

  • Starbucks Full Store:  Under construction on Rt 41 (Freeway Diner)
  • Starbucks Target:  Starbucks location taking over the Target Cafe.
  • Starbucks Deptford Mall:  Large Center Court Kiosk
  • Barnes and Noble Cafe:  Not a Starbucks store, but the serve Starbucks Coffee

When did we get so fancy, Deptford?   🙂