Deptford Hampton Inn Hotel Construction Starts. Will Share Lot with Recently Opened Courtyard Hotel

Back in 2015, two new hotels were proposed and approved for Deptford’s Route 41 at the 42 South entrance.  The Courtyard Hotel (with small bar) opened in July 2017, and now two years later construction has started on the previously approved Hampton Inn Hotel, which will be located across the parking lot from the Courtyard.

Within the last week, construction fencing has gone up for the new hotel, and workers are on site working on foundation and utility construction.  Honestly, I had never seen the site-plan as I missed the Planning Board meeting 2 years ago, and this is the first time I realized that… well it seems the second hotel will also be situated to the far rear of the lot, closer to Rt 42 than Rt 41.  I would imagine this was done to leave the front portion of the lot available for other developments?  Just a thought.

The already opened Courtyard Hotel took advantage of New Jersey’s “Build a new hotel of 100 rooms or more and you can get a special hotel liquor license”, but according to the originally approved plans the Hampton Inn will not have a liquor license.

This will be the fourth better quality “Mid/Up-scale” hotel in very close proximity of each other, along Route 41.   Opening this year will be a new stand-alone Starbucks store, a new and a relocated AT&T store.

Rough Estimate of the Hampton Inn Location, based on 42Freeway site visit. This could change


2 thoughts on “Deptford Hampton Inn Hotel Construction Starts. Will Share Lot with Recently Opened Courtyard Hotel”

  1. We used to stay at the Residence Inn when we made our twice a year trip to see the Grandkids. Sadly it has become a dump so we now stay at the Courtyard. Do you know if the Residence Inn will ever be renovated? Also will the new Hampton Inn have a swimming pool?

    • Susan, the Residence Inn has been renovated. Stayed there May 2019. My concern for all Deptford hotels is the level of cleanliness.

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