Cross Keys Brewing Co. Opens in Williamstown NJ. Photos and Video!

On Friday March 9, 2018… Williamstown New Jersey welcomed a second brew pub opening in a week, with Cross Keys Brewing Company opening on North Main Street.  The location sits back off the road a little, behind what was a large farmhouse.

The Grand Opening was last night (Friday) and in our visit Saturday afternoon the brewery was entertaining a decent sized crowd.

This location is in a converted warehouse style building with the tasting room nicely remodeled and large enough to handle a 100 people or more.  The other half of the building is dedicated to the large brewing and fermenting vats.

Right now they are featuring 4 varieties of beer (“Pour Decision” is such a great name) but I understand they will expand to more varieties.

The pictures and quick video tour below, tell the story.

Read a more detailed interview and information at South Jersey Beer Scene

YouTube Quick Tour


Cross Keys Brewing Company
1038 N. Main Street
Williamstown, NJ 08094



4 thoughts on “Cross Keys Brewing Co. Opens in Williamstown NJ. Photos and Video!”

  1. It is NOT a brewpub, neither is 13th Child. Both are breweries only.

    A brewpub is a restaurant that also brews beer on-premises, such as Iron Hill in Maple Shade and Voorhees.

    Due to NJ’s antiquated and IMO anti-consumer liquor licensing laws, brewpubs are rare in NJ, with only a handful state-wide compared to the ever-rising number of breweries opening up across the state.

    • Thanks! I knew the differences in the brewery laws but wasn’t clear on the specific terminology usage. I’ll see how I wrote it up and adjust.
      Yes iron hill can do full food because of a full liquor license.

      • Bingo… in NJ to serve food and alcohol you must have a full liquor license, unlike other states where there are different tiers of licensing.

        For example, in PA there is a much cheaper level that allows you to serve PA beer (obviously including your own, but also any other PA breweries if you want to have guest taps), and PA wine. No out-of-state beer or wine, and no liquor period. This is how small places like Forest and Main, the Vault, the original Tired Hands Cafe and other tiny brewpubs can afford to exist. License structures like this are both pro-business and pro-consumer.

        Also, in many other states a liquor license is simply an annual fee paid to the state, but in NJ it’s a piece of property that is usually privately owned and often sells for many hundreds of thousands of dollars, to well over a million in high-traffic areas. Unless those laws change we will never have small “indie” brewpubs in NJ.

        It’s absurd… the liquor laws in the NJ are so antiquated and ridiculous, but the NJ restaurant association dominates these decisions and — for reasons no one can explain — are absolutely *terrified* of breweries and brewpubs. Funny thing is, they co-exist just fine in every other state… hmmmm…

        • I’ve done some analysis on liquor licenses in the area towns… those available or underutilized. Have rough notes and just need to write it up.
          I’ll try to get that out soon.

          Supermarkets, Liquor Licenses and 42 road construction are my deep dive posts in the queue. ha

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