Cotton:On Clothing Store Coming to Deptford Mall. Interior Construction Work Starting Now

Cotton:On is a fun, casual and affordable Australian fashion retailer, and the are coming to the Deptford Mall!  Cotton:On is Australia’s largest global retailer with over 1,500 stores globally and 22,000 workers. The Deptford Mall location is on the lower level, close to the center court between Things Remembered and Swarovski. 

This deal was apparently signed before COVID, as they have been listed on the Deptford Mall website since the spring.  It’s nice to see that they are continuing with their plans to build-out the store and open up… hopefully in time for the holiday shopping season!

Cotton:On has a store in the Moorestown Mall.  42Freeway has not visited, but looking at their site and reading articles… it seems they are a fun and affordable clothing line.  They have several stores and sub-stores, such as kids clothing and stationary.  We aren’t aware of the Deptford Mall mix.

An article in Chain Store Age describes them as:

We like to think that we are exporting the quintessential Australian optimism and positivity around the world, wherever our Cotton On stores are. We offer effortlessly cool and quality on-trend fashion — what everyone wants to wear now — at the best price. We’re a very relaxed and laid-back brand, which is reflective of the Australian lifestyle. We are committed to creating a healthy and balanced workplace;

Remember that the new Deptford Mall Dick’s Sporting Goods is opening up on Wednesday Aug 12th, and the Round One entertainment center can’t be too far behind!  And just last week they new Tesla Superchargers were turned on!

Placement in the Deptford Mall (from the Deptford Mall website)

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