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Chick-Fil-A Barrington NJ

Since this past summer, several Barrington NJ monthly newsletters as well as Council meeting minutes, have confidentially referenced the upcoming development of a Chick-Fil-A restaurant on the White Horse Pike.   (September Meeting Minutes: PDF)

In the most recent comments we could find, the town expected the developers to present to the planning board this November, but 42Freeway has not been able to confirm if that has happened yet.

The exact location is directly ACROSS from the newer Super Wawa, on the corner which currently contains a law office.  Many don’t realize that part of the White Horse Pike is Barrington.   The restaurant property is expected to include the law office property, as well as the two homes which sit behind the law office along Bell ave.

Another distinctive landmark is the Time Out sports and music bar, which sits across the (Bell Ave) street.

Chicken Corridor!

With the upcoming addition of Chick-Fil-A, this section of the White Horse Pike will feature several chicken options.

  • Chick-Fil-A : Detailed in this post
  • Wild Wing Cafe: Large wing themed restaurant and bar in a completely new building
  • Church’s Chicken: Located a few hundred yards away in the Home Depot lot.
  • Popeye’s Chicken:  Approximately 1/4 mile away at White Horse Pike and Gloucester pike
  • Time Out Sports Bar:  Delicious traditional bar wings, will have Wild Wing Café and Chick-Fil-a on two sides
  • Royal Farms: A little further up the pike (about a mile), this place is getting all the attention right now for its famous chicken
  • Wendy’s: Not really considered a chicken restaurant, but they do serve delicious chicken sandwiches and nuggets.

PILOT Program

Council meeting minutes clearly state that the new Chik-Fil-A project will take advantage of a PILOT tax program.  PILOT stands for “Payment in Lieu of Taxes”.  These programs do not necessarily mean less taxes for the business, but instead establish a negotiated direct payment to the town over a period of years.  The real difference is, because these are not traditional property taxes, none of the money goes to the school district.   In response to resident questions, it was explained that the county would get 5% of the money.

Both the Super Wawa and the Wild Wing Cafe utilized the PILOT program offered by Barrington.  It’s tough to argue with that success in turning around an underutilized area of a popular road.

There is another development currently under construction in front of the Home Depot, and we’ll have more info on that later this week.

(C) Google
Google Streetview shows law office, and two homes down Bell Ave, which will could become a Chick-Fil-A

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  1. I’ll take Chick-Fil-A over the other Chicken Houses!
    Since I live in Barrington it will be a 10 minute travel time,Compare to the 30 minute travel time to Audubon and back that Black Horse pike is a real pain in the you know what at 5:00 PM.

  2. In this week Retrospect Chick-fil-A hit a snag a leaky problem involving a drainage ditch Barrington was lucky it was not a river and can be fixed,Hopes to break ground in the spring.

    1. The garbage is across the street in Wawa not in Chick-Fil-A.Don’t know what a Honeygrow is Panera is ok but I would not step foot in a Chipotle.They seem to put them in shopping centers like the one’s in Deptford.

    1. I spoke to the real estate company rep doing the project in front of Home Depot. He says, he is the reason Chik-Fil-A came to the WHP as he pitched the idea for the Home Depot property… but the minimum size requirements for the store would not fit in the Home Depot lot.

  3. Was really hoping it would be what was going on in the Home Depot parking lot. Any updates on what that is? They really need to fix the parking lot exit there though. It’s already crowded due to traffic in and out of stores (a good thing) but time to lengthen the exit, especially with the new development going on.

  4. The biggest issue here is NJDOT should’ve required Route 30 East’s 3rd lane extended in front of the property, rather than ending at the Wawa traffic light. A huge mistake, and it backs traffic up on 295 considerably. For some reason, developers can pave over acres of ground for parking lots in this state, but getting a lane extended for a 1/4 mile is almost unheard of “because of the environment”…or really, really bad traffic estimates.

  5. My opinion is that this is a really bad mistake. I live back there off of Bell and all night long cars are turning around back there . Imagine you living back in a quiet neighborhood and all the sudden Wawa and wild wings go in. Not only is the noise at night is crazy but now we have tractor trailers getting stuck back there for 2 hours. Not mention a rat infestion . Yes rats!!! From all those business!! We don’t want anymore chicken options!! We already travel away to eat from this town. And all our neighbors do the same.

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