Belle Vista Village Proposed for Washington Township! We Review the Siteplans on Video!

Belle Vista Village, a unique mixed use Village project is being proposed in Washington Twp, at Delsea and County House. It includes first floor retail units, with housing above. A large restaurant centers the project. We have the site plans, and a VIDEO is in the article where Mark goes on location and talks through his interpretation. Is this a destination project for Township?

17 Acre Mixed-Use Project Proposed For Washington Twp 5-Points Area; Residential, Retail and Restaurant! I Just Don’t Know How it Comes Together! Help!

The October 20th meeting of the Washington Township planning board has an incredibly interesting project for 200 Delsea Drive on the agenda.  It includes 30 buildings offering a mix of retail, residential and a large allocation to restaurant space.  Is it a storage facility with separate retail and restaurants?   Is it a walkable village?  Whatever this is, its on the planning board agenda in TWO WEEKS.   October 20th.  But we’ll know more before that.