Have Ten Minutes to Kill? Mark from 42Freeway was on the Small Bites Podcast/Radio Show

On Sunday June 2nd, Mark from 42Freeway was a guest on area podcast “Small Bites”.   While it’s an hour long radio podcast show, I was featured in the first 10 minutes of the show…   so if you want to jump ahead to listen follow the link in the article to the show page to stream or listen via an app. I talk some history of my blogging, Bellmawr’s Bass Pro Shops, new restaurants in Washington Township, future plans for the site and more.

More Direct Connection Tunnel Changes: FIVE Lanes In, Merge to Four After Tunnel

The new “covered roadway” tunnel which is part of the 42/295 reconstruction project has been in action for several weeks, with 42N-295N traffic routed through it.   This weekend the second phase of the tunnel redirection went live, with the 76E (traffic from Philly) which is heading to 295N, also moving through the tunnel.   There were some commuter concerns with how lanes merged before the tunnel and would the two additional 76E lanes “fit” into the tunnel.. well NJDOT surprises us all as they do fit FIVE lanes in the tunnel. But watch out for the right side lane merge AFTER the tunnel.