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Sam’s Pizza Sets Feb 12th as 2021 Opening Day!

Sam’s Pizza Sets Feb 12th as 2021 Opening Day!
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Today Sam’s Pizza announced at their Facebook page they are starting the 2021 season on Friday February 12th! That is just SIX WEEKS AWAY!

Presumably they would be open on weekends only until we move closer to the core Summer season!

Sam’s Pizza is on the famous Wildwood Boardwalk, located at where 26th Street meets the Boardwalk. They are next to Gateway 26 arcade, Morey’s Surfside Pier and the original Captn Jack’s Boardwalk Bar and Restaurant… just to name a few!

Sam’s Pizza is always listed as one of the top pizza places on the Wildwood’s… typically the debate is between Sam’s and Mack’s Pizza, but many other pizza places get strong votes from their fans!

Sam’s Pizza
2600 Boardwalk
Wildwood NJ

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Gotta Go With The Fold!

We love both Sam’s and Mack’s! Distinctively different approaches to the worldwide loved favorite… but one thing is certain when eating hot and fresh out of the oven boardwalk pizza… ya gotta go with the fold! Is there any other way?!