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The Brooklawn Shopping Center surprises everyone with the start of construction that will completely transform the shopping center!

They are adding a diverse mix of new tenants, including national retailer Petco, a thrift store, and a dialysis center.

Major demolition is taking place in the remaining portion of the K-Mart building, and as an added bonus there are new stores going in to the recently closed Radio Shack location across the parking lot!

Looking at construction bid documents, 42Freeway has determined the following new tenants scheduled to come to Brooklawn!

K-Mart Building

Radio Shack Location

Another interesting twist is the that “front” of the shopping center is going to wrap around to the side of the K-mart building.   The Davita Dialysis location will sit on the corner, and then where what was previously the back left side of the K-mart will be the entrance to the Hope Thrift store… turning that large parking lot section behind the old Radio Shack into an active parking area.

More about the stores:

Petco: Petco is a large privately held pet retailer with over 1,400 locations.  Currently there are area locations in Turnersville and Cherry Hill, and there used to be a location in Deptford alongside Adelphia’s restaurant.    The company is large enough that the own the naming rights to the San Diego Padres baseball stadium.  This is a big vote of confidence in the Brooklawn / Bellmawr region.

Davita Dialysis: Davita is also a huge addition to the area.  Traded on the NYSE, in 2014 it is #230 on the Fortune 500 list and has revenues over $8 Billion.  There offerings include a variety of dialysis procedures and educational support.

Hope Thrift:  Hope Thrift is owned by the Seeds of Hope Ministry in Camden NJ, which is dedicated to help those who are less fortunate.  This is their second thrift store location.

Hair Cuttery:  This well know hair styling company with over 1,000 locations, and many in the 42Freeway area.

It is exciting news for a shopping center that has seen some rough times coinciding with the economy downturn of 8 years ago, and its nice to see that Brooklawn will be benefitting from the upturn in the economy.  Let’s hope these new signings will mean a complete repaving of the parking lot, which has been a mess of  patches and improvements for decades.



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    1. Hi…we are accepting applications if you would like to fill one out. For part time employment. Please email us if interested…

  1. i give petco a year, then they’re gone. hair cuttery might survive. the dialysis center is a good thing situated half way between cooper hospital and virtua woodbury. the thrift store might get a good deal more business than the petco though.

  2. Most of those stores won’t make it except the thift store, it’s all about location,location,and that’s certainly not the location for Petco,haircutter,the developers need to look into the area first to see what sells in the area. That’s my opinion, GOOD LUCK STORES

    1. I don’t think there is anything announced that is out of touch with the area.

      Everyone needs a haircut and I don’t think there are many national based haircut places in the area.

      Kidney Disease is more prevalent in older people, and the Brooklawn area is mostly made of older homeowners.

      Thrift Store? we’ll see what the selection brings. I wonder if it will do well. But Bellmawr has TWO Goodwill stores.

      Petco – that’s the most interesting to me. this is a big national retailer so as you say, I am sure they reviewed the looked into to the demographics of the neighborhood. Everyone loves pets and it is a drive to Deptford to get to a large pet store. This store is the most interesting to me as there are no other large box retailers in the center, and even the newer Audubon center with the large draw of Walmart, doesn’t have bigger box stores.

      just my thoughts

      1. Mark,I will not go to Audubon Center Walmart.It’s so dirty and the people are the pits!It’s all Camden people who come in on the bus and the crime is so high,The police are at the store all the time just look at the paper Restospect.I’ll take Deptford any day.Also the guy at Italia tells me you stoped in the other day,I love the pizza!

  3. I think Petco will be amazing. I’m so tired of driving so far to get to a big pet store. i think it will be awesome to have one right up the street from me.. I would love to apply but i don’t even know when its going to be up. i could use a second part time job. If anyone knows how to apply let me know 😀 Cant wait for it to open..

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