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Bottlestop NJ Gloucester City

Bottlestop NJ Gloucester

Update: The Bottlestop Liquor store opened in May 2018.

A new liquor store called Bottlestop is opening up very soon in Gloucester City on Rt 130 North. The building is located next to Cheerleaders Bar, and was recently completely remodeled.  As you would expect, this a full beverage location offering Beer, Wine and Liquor.

The outside of the wide building looks beautiful and modern after the remodel, with the Bottle Stop liquor store taking the left half of the building.  Many will remember the right half of the building as being a large bar and restaurant, which included a very large band stage.  (I’ve actually performed in that bar and stage, in my “lead singer” phase. ha!)   It appears the same people own the bar also, but at this time they don’t have plans to open it.. yet.  When I asked the manager/owner, he just smiled and said “not yet”

Bottlestop NJ GloucesterVery close by is the Liquor Barn store, and up the road a short distance is Speedy’s liquor store.  What sets the new Bottlestop store apart from those locations… well I had a chance to walk through it, and the new Bottlestop is much larger and set-up in size similar to a Canal’s store.  There were a dozen or more long display racks, and a back wall of freezers.   When I walked in it seemed the construction was complete, and they were waiting on inventory to start arriving.

I didn’t get an official opening date, but it has to be very soon.

Bottlestop NJ
56 Crescent Blvd
Gloucester City, NJ 08030



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  1. Everything that goes in that building fails… perhaps this will be different.

    (The bar / music venue was very cool, excellent stage and sound… just a very shitty location.)

    I will say, if they don’t sell craft beer in single bottles I won’t be going… there’s no excuse in 2018 to force people to buy six-packs, or even limit the single-bottle selection. Just let us pick any bottle out of any six-pack and pay 1/6 (or perhaps *slightly* more) for it.

    1. I think the biggest challenge for that bar is, the parking is too small considering the size of the place. I’ve been in that bar many times myself, under several variations of it.. and it always came down to the parking lot would fill up faster than the bar,

      As a liquor store I feel there is enough spots as people are in there for about 10mins. If they try to do both… hmmm

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