Bellmawr Super Wawa opens June 19

The building looks amazing and it was clear that the opening would be soon.   I had even heard the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was planned… but sadly 42Freeway wasn’t invited to the party.  But that’s ok, as Wawa made it easy by posting the Grand Opening date on their website

Grand Opening June 19th.

  • 8:00am Store Opens
  • 10:00am Grand Opening

The ribbon cutting is at 10:00am anyway and I have a day job.  But I’ll be there at 8:00am when the doors open and pics will be online before the first speech.

But seriously, I had some concern for  what the final building would look like… too big, not as fancy, or too bright?  But the truth is, its a really nice looking addition to the area, seems perfectly sized for the block, and definitely looks better than the Luke Oil and Old Wawa combo.   Traffic?  I can’t speak for that.

Bellmawr Super Wawa at Night


4 thoughts on “Bellmawr Super Wawa opens June 19”

  1. Well I live on Edgewood and NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS.. It was so nice and quite for 14 months with nothing to come in and out and a horrible time to open with the CRAP on Creek Rd. for the overpass. HOW LONG does it take to do that? Bell Rd.’s overpass for 295 went up QUICK and why can’t they do that for this.. I lived on this street will be 47 years come August. Nice and quite other than truck traffic for some years. Back when the first WaWa opened I know a lot of us well my father was still alive then voted as did my neighbors against it going up. NO.. Now the trucks will be stopping on Edgewood to go in and get their food.. I contacted the Police Dept. to have them patrol there and make them move the trucks we have signs all over but NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION.. Traffic will be worse.. JUST OPEN THAT CREEK RD. OVERPASS. What a waste making that 295. They should have let it alone.. People living near there with the constant banging. Then the cemetery with cutting part of that off and I heard they had to move some graves. NOT RIGHT… NOT HAPPY. I have 2 empty homes on my street Edgewood. I think a fence should be put up to block out the headlights of people parking there at night to go in. They are going to shine right into peoples homes. The other WaWa sat down more on a hill and they parked another way. They have bushes up but will take YEARS for them to grow. NEED SOMETHING UP THERE..

    • I live on creek rd and the traffic is terrible with the construction although the Wawa is convenient because I don’t drive and stores are far away but the traffic and heavy trucks all night is a nightmare

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