AT&T Store Opening On Blackwood-Clementon Rd. Remodeled Building In Front of Shoprite

The former gas station on the prominent corner of Blackwood-Clementon Rd and College Dr (in front of Zallie’s Shop-rite) has been under a full remodel for a while now… and recent signage updates clarify it will be an AT&T retail store. While I don’t see the location listed on the AT&T site yet, I found property listings indicating this is a full AT&T Corporate store (as opposed to an independent retailer).

I say “clarify” in that I am fairly certain I remember this was supposed to be a dentist office at the time it went through planning… I could be wrong. Difficult to search as I type this out on my phone while waiting for my car to be service at the Toyota dealer… but I digress! Ha! One of the rare times my “didn’t get to post” has worked to my advantage. The important thing is the Clementon/ Blackwood/ Pine Hill area will soon have a new AT&T Corporate location to manage their wireless plans and buy phones, Direct TV and other products.

Also coming this year is a new, larger building for the Deptford AT&T store on Rt 41.

1 thought on “AT&T Store Opening On Blackwood-Clementon Rd. Remodeled Building In Front of Shoprite”

  1. It makes no sense to put an AT&T store here. Yes it’ll be visible.

    However, from a township planning standpoint it would have made more sense to put it in one of three less occupied plazas along the Blackwood Clementon Road corridor, like near Lumpy’s BBQ or the new Royal Farms.

    Drive extra customer traffic to those locations.

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