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Showboat Hotel’s Island Waterpark March 2023 Construction Update.

Showboat Hotel’s Island Waterpark March 2023 Construction Update.
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I was in Atlantic City on Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday, and checked in on the upcoming Island Waterpark being developed by the Showboat Hotel.

I first covered this amazing project back in October (that Fall article also covers Lucky Snake Arcade and the hotel tower conversion plans). Construction on the waterpark has been moving along fast since then! 

The goal is to be open for Memorial Day weekend this year, and all indications (including some chats with the construction crew) tell me that people will be swimming indoors in the waterpark, this May.

Showboat’s Island Waterpark rises next to the hotel complex. The indoor 100,000 sf waterpark is targeting a May 2023 opening!

If you are not familiar, the Island Waterpark at Showboat is a 100,000 sq ft “glass” insulated polycarbonate pane curved roof waterpark under construction at the Showboat Hotel property in Atlantic City.

The $100 million project will have a clear retractable roof which will offer year round waterpark fun; featuring water slides, pools, restaurants, bars and more.

The exciting Island Waterpark project will feature 11 water slides, the largest custom Aqua forms in the world, and a 10,000 square foot splash pad.

Showboat Atlantic City adding Island Indoor Waterpark!
Showboat Atlantic City adding Island Indoor Waterpark! Architect Rendering

The new facility will feature even more than the exciting water thrills, as it will offer several bars and restaurants, a carnival style gaming experience with retail shopping, and private party rooms.

Many other signature features will be available to take advantage of the high ceiling space provided in the glass enclosed facility.

A treehouse area up over the ground level will offer bars, lounges and more slides.

A zip line will be set up to travel through the long indoor space, and a gravity coaster looks to provide an additional set of thrills to visitors.

While the Island Waterpark at Showboat in Atlantic City is a massive facility at 100,000 sf… they’ve extended the size of it by sending the tube slides outside of the walls! Opening May 2023!

The boardwalk fronting block is very deep, and even though this new 100,000 square foot facility is massive, it sits at the back of the long block about 700 feet from the boardwalk.

This leaves a fairly large amount of space from the boardwalk to the signature facility, and honestly at this point I don’t know exactly what the plans are for that large piece of land… although architectural renderings show it as being returned to a parking lot.

Keep reading for more below on the construction update, and if you want to learn more about Showboat’s Lucky Snake Arcade, Indoor Raceway and more please check out my October coverage.

Keep Scrolling and Reading!

The steel supports are up for the new Island Waterpark in Atlantic City, and the glass panels appear to be 75% in place!

Island Waterpark Construction Update – March 2023

Right now it appears that all of the core roof steel support structures are installed, and about 75% of the polycarbonate “glass” roof panels are in place.

While most of the water fun is featured inside the facility, they have smartly extended several tube slides outside of the building, for weather-protected fun twists and turns before the tubes head back into the facility…  and end in an indoor water pool.

On the boardwalk side corner is one circular twisting tube in place, but based on seeing additional yellow support poles outside the building, it appears it will be joined buy two additional slides which start at the roof of the building.

Showboat’s Island Waterpark rises next to the hotel complex. The indoor 100,000 sf waterpark is targeting a May 2023 opening!

In the back City side of the large 100,000 square foot facility are several octopus like tubes twisting and turning within each other all before heading into the building again.

Its a massive facility, but having the slides extend outside is a smart way to maximize the space while also providing a very distinctive exterior feature to grab the attention of visitors walking and driving by.

I’ll let you in on one of my little secrets I use when checking up on Island Waterpark construction progress.

While some of the images presented here were taken via a drone (I am FAA commercially licensed), many of them are actually just taken with my iPhone from the parking garage of ocean casino.

You can go to the adjacent ocean garage and head up to maybe around the 6th floor, and have a perfect view into the construction of the waterpark.

Inside the 100,000 sf Island Waterpark facility in Atlantic City, workers are seen preparing the soil for additional concrete work,

While I did not get a chance to walk inside the waterpark structure I can see that some of the lazy river water features have poured concrete in place, and from my parking garage vantage point workers were visible inside preparing the rest of the surface areas for future concrete pours.

I’ll be back again before the may opening for another construction update, although now that I’ve given away my parking garage secret I’m sure other media outlets will be following my lead.

Also you’re going to see a lot more coverage of Atlantic City from the 42 website and hopefully other casinos, restaurants, and interesting places will reach out to me make it easy for me to put up some free coverage!

Did I mention my October coverage on the Island Waterpark is ranked #2 on Google search? That’s FIVE months later! This means 42Freeway has the traffic, reach and respect of Google to have them say “Hey random search user. you want to know more about this waterpark? Well 42Freeway has the answers”

So Casino, Bar and Restaurant Management teams…. help me do more Atlantic City coverage! My readers and Google are already telling you I do a great job with it. Check my Contact Page here to reach out.

The new Island Waterpark is positioned between the Showboat Hotel property and the Ocean Casino. The success of Showboat, Ocean and Hard Rock have made Atlantic City North Beach area a top destination!

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