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An express car wash is being planned for Cross Keys Rd where it intersects with New Brooklyn Erial Road.  This is a second planned car wash on Cross Keys Rd.  This location is an empty corner lot across from the Wilton’s Corner Hexagon building, and the dentist office (on the other corner).  The listed street address will be 810 New Brooklyn-Erial Road.

This project is also being reviewed in the Gloucester Township Zoning Board meeting on July 8th (the same day this article has been posted).

The developers are the same company planning a car wash across from the Tilted Kilt (Winslow), on the Black Horse Pike at the closed Burger King (Washington Township), and they also have other units in place such as Pennsauken.  Matching the the car wash plans, this will be a 4,600 sq ft facility.

This application shall be considered by the Gloucester Township Zoning Board on July 8, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Gloucester Township Council Room, 1261 Chews Landing Road, Laurel Springs, New Jersey 08021, at which time you may appear either in person or through an attorney and present any objection that you may have to the granting of this application.

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  1. Still looking for an answer to what online image source you used in your “Construction Behind Inspira Mullica Hill is a New Road to Connect 322 With Ellis Mill Road in Glassboro (CR 641 Spur)” post… What online image source was used?

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